Wednesday, April 25, 2018

How To Convert Torrented File To IDM For Direct Download At Free In 2018

Posted by Rakesh Hazra

                     Download Torrent File With IDM 

We all know that torrent is the best way to download any big file like movie, software or game. But there are several drawback of torrent file download. First one is your country don’t give permits to access torrent sites and second one is any how you’ll able to access torrent but the speed of any file is not promising. That’s why we’re, Fillmeout back with a amazing trick by which you’ll to enhance downloading speed of any big torrent file by using IDM.
 INTERNET DOWNLOAD MANAGER (IDM) is right thing that can give extra boost of download. In this article we’re describe a way by which you’ll able to Download Big Torrent File in IDM without Sign up. Specifically hare we’re using a intermediate to transfer torrent file to IDM. So get started.

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How To Convert Torrented File To idm Free 

Lot of website available for download any torrent file with IDM. But the problem is most of them are required sign up. I describe both sign way and without sign way.

How To Convert Torrented Files To Direct Download

Zbigz- [Torrents to IDM Converter]

Zbigz is best site to download torrent file in IDM. Zbigz offer you both free version and premier version. As usual premium version have lot advantage than free version but In free version has lot of disadvantage like the downloading speed will be 150KB/S and the maximum size of a file is 1GB and number of simultaneous download is 2. Hare we describe about free version of Zbigz- [Torrents to IDM Converter].

1.      Open the website Zbigz- [Torrents to IDM Converter]
2.      Now click on Upload bottom
3.      Now upload the torrent file and then click on GO bottom.
4.      The processing of next step will tacks time wait till the transfer bottom appear
5.      Now click on transfer bottom and it’ll atomically download file in IDM.

FileStream- [Torrents to IDM Converter With Sign Up]

FileStream is another free website to download torrent file with IDM. For that the necessary steps are given below.

1.      Open the website FileStream and sign up with valid Gmail ID
2.      Once your account is create, then click load option and then file
3.      select your torrent file and hit enter and hit on upload
4.      Now select the file and hit on Download option and between two option click on download via manager.
5.      Now copy the link in box and past it into IDM. Your torrent will start downloading in IDM.

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Some Other Website Torrents to IDM Converter with Sign Up

Hare we also include some other website by with you can download torrent with IDM. The process is very similar like above method.



All the above process is working to download torrent with idm. So try it with your won browser and know us is it working or not. If you facing any problem then contact us by comment of or mail us.


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  2. Now upload the torrent file and then click on GO bottom.!

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