Tuesday, April 24, 2018

How to Download and Install Pokémon GO for Android/ iOS in 2018

Ten to fifteen years ago Pokémon the one of the most popular cartoon show for kids. Kids are spending lots of time for this cartoon on TV. Pokémon is still popular until today. That is why after releasing the Pokémon GO game, millions of people are interested to download this game on their Android/ iOS device. Nintendo-owned franchise has made this game available to the users.  But initially unfortunately the ‘Pokémon GO’ is available for very few countries. Now it’s available for all country US, Australia, New Zealand and Germany.

If you are not from those country but thinking about how to download this game in your Android/ iOS device, then this article will help you to reach your Goal. Also Download  Best iOS Emulator for PC 

  What Is ‘Pokémon GO’?

Pokémon GO is a location based augmented reality mobile game. In this game you can capture new Pokémon and water Pokémon. You can train them and prepared for fight. You need to turn on GPS for play this game. After GPS on you can see a map on your screen, by which fiend you find new Pokémon and catch them in your Pokémon box. Also Download ShowBox on your pc, Windows.

Download and Install Pokémon GO For Android/ iOS

Pokémon GO is developed by Niantic and published by the Pokémon. This game is available for Android/ iOS device. The people from US/ Australia/New Zealand are downloading from iTunes Store for iOS device and download the game’s APK from hear for Android device where Pokémon GO is officially lunched. But other people, who want to install/ download Pokémon GO outside the above country where Pokémon GO dose not lunched they need to follow the bellow text.

How to Download and Installed Pokémon GO for Android?

There are many countries like India, UK etc. are really interested about to install about to installed Pokémon GO on their Android Device. So follow steps may help you to download and install ‘Pokémon GO’ game.

Necessary Steps before Download Pokémon GO For Android device 
                                           1.            At first you open settings of your Android phone.
                                       2.            Search security settings and click on it and fiend ‘install Apps from unknown sources’ just turn on it.

 Download and Install Pokémon GO For Android Device

                                                      1.            Once done, just head over to the Pokémon GO APK download page and download it.
                                                             2.            After download, click on the Pokémon GO APK file and just install it.
                                                          3.            And open the Pokémon GO Apps. Now your Android device is ready for play the game.  
                           Downloab Pokémon GO APK

How to Download and Installed Pokémon GO for iOS Device?

Pokémon GO is available from iTunes Store for iphone, ipad and iPod, only for US, Australia, New Zealand. Other people, who want to install/ download Pokémon GO outside the above country where Pokémon GO dose not lunched they need to follow the bellow step.
Necessary Steps before Download Pokémon GO For iOS device 

                                                      1.            At first go to your iphone settings and just sing out your old ‘Apple ID’.
                                                    2.            Now go back to general setting and open language and religion (this is very important step).
                                                     3.            Now select region, US/ Australia / New Zealand instate your country name. 
                                              4.            Next you create new ‘Apple ID’ on the Billing tab select none and add US/ New Zealand/ Australian address. 

Download and Install Pokémon GO for iOS Device

                                                      1.            Now goes to iTunes Store and search ‘Pokémon GO’
                                                      2.            From the search result you fiend App download and Install ‘Pokémon GO’


Pokémon GO is not officially lunched for every country. It’s limits for few countries only. As soon as possible developers are trying to lunch maximum number of country. We are hoping this article help you to download and install on your Android, iphone, ipad and iPod. And don’t forget to shear this article through social media with your friends.    


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